Job description

We manage the below services across paid search, social and marketplace channels:

  • Ads/PPC management (the process of overseeing and managing a brand s PPC ad spend)
  • Work with CXOs and Ecommerce heads of brands to understand their business objectives and create a practical plan to achieve them
  • Analyse the performance of the campaigns and modify the plan of action depending on the result
  • Conduct regular strategy calls with the brand team to refine the strategy

To improve the performance on marketplace, we consult the brands across:

  • Google Ads( Displaying Brand s advertisement on search engines, other websites, mobile apps etc)
  • Facebook/Instagram Ads (Displaying Brand s advertisement on facebook and Instagram)
  • Conversion optimization (Better conversion at lower rate by optimizing brand placement in each ad auction to avoid unprofitable clicks and get as many profitable clicks as possible)
  • Google Search Engine Optimization (helps brand rank higher in search results and garner more visibility online)
  • Advance Analytics (helps businesses optimize their performances by analyzing data to make better business decisions and help analyze customer trends and satisfaction, which can lead to new and better products and services).

To improve the performance on marketplace, we consult the brands across:

  • SEO (the process of optimizing product listings to rank higher in searches for related keywords)
  • Inventory management and forecasting Product Pricing & Profitability Study
  • Buy Box (helping the seller s product win the Featured Offer or Buy Now Button on Marketing Services for Amazon)
  • Competition analysis (to gain or maintain a lead over competitors)
  • Product launch plans (list of activities, ad budget estimates, market study, etc. to ensure a successful launch on Marketing Services for Amazon)
  • Review and Sentiment analysis (to identify customer likes and dislikes, trends, etc. and leverage these to improve marketing)
  • Automation (identify potential automation opportunities in operational activities to achieve efficiency and productivity gains; so the team can focus on more productive pieces)
  • Use and ideation of business intelligence tools for client and internal use

Your Responsibilities:

In order to embark on the next leg of growth, we need committed people managers and dedicated professionals who can deliver stellar performance for the brands we engage with:

Brand Strategy:

  • Plan & execute digital marketing strategies to propel the clients retail eCommerce business on their website (Search, Social or on Marketing Services for Amazon)
  • Understand the client and their business goals from a holistic perspective to drive RoI & develop targeted growth plans
  • Work directly with department heads and leaders to assess new campaigns, client targets & implement new ideas
  • Consult clients and provide them effective solutions to ensure proper execution of strategies
  • Prioritize team tasks and make sure that the team and the clients are aligned.
  • Look for opportunities to improve processes, further efficiencies, and make communication more effective
  • Present ideas and recommendations across various functions in the clients business