The Developer will use his or her understanding of programming languages and tools to
formulate more efficient processes, solve problems, create a more seamless experience for
users and build features at rapid speed. You should have excellent communication,
programming, and problem-solving skills.
You should have done some personal projects apart from the company’s projects or
contributed to open source projects.
1. Design of system and architecture for all features and problems
2. System design should be smart, having a balance between speed of implementation
and scalability.
3. Building reusable code and libraries for future use
4. Working with a team to solve problems and discuss new ideas.
5. Ownership of projects or codes written.
1. Strong problem-solving skills
2. Deep understanding of data structures and algorithms
3. Fluency in JavaScript (node.js ), mongoDB and any one of the following – react native
, angular
4. Understanding of the complete lifecycle of software development.
5. Basic knowledge of front-end development.
6. Deep knowledge of Databases(preferably MongoDb), Networking and Architectures
for a scalable product.