Division / Department MAINTENANCE
Location BIRKONI
 Keeps equipment operational by coordinating maintenance and repair services; following
manufacturer's instructions and established procedures; requesting special service.
 100% implementation of preventive maintenance schedule at E&I and mechanical by
coordination with team and following the programs.
 Verify records/checklist/logbook for any abnormalities , deviation and gaps in the system by
taking corrective action in this lead time.
 Maintain all statutory requirements as per factory and Industry standards.
 Listing of all equipment/instrument at site with traceability and display on the machines.
 Planning of Breakdown and shutdown with adherence to line plan.
 Improvement on the downtime of equipment.
 Monitor electrical and hydraulic systems of facilities to ensure functionality
 Maintain Electricals, Mechanical and check spare and consumables.
 Plan and oversee all repair and installation activities
 Maintain maintenance logs and report on daily activities
 Ensure that designated buildings, plant and facilities are fit for purpose and to provide
proactive support/solutions when required
 Maintain man power and ensure productivity with planning as per shift and management
 Ensure Safety, Housekeeping standards as per ISO requirements and 100% documentation.
 Testing of earth pits and display the standards as per rule.
 Responsible to check the progress of welding process, fitting process, mechanical processes
and in case of any deflection report the same to Plant Head
 Ensure vigilance of workers to increase productivity