Manager- Production Planning & Control



Employment Status: Full Time (01 Position)  Working Hours: Weekdays 09:30-18:00

Location:Birkoni, Chhattisgarh                                                                   Experience: 5 to 12 years

Eligibility:BE / B Tech (Mechanical, Chemical) / B.Tech in Oil Technology


Job Description & Qualification Requirements:

  • Coordinating production workflow for one or multiple products
  • Planning and prioritizing operations to ensure maximum performance and minimum delay
  • Determining manpower, equipment and raw materials needed to cover production demand
  • Ensure resource availability and allocation
  • Assign workers and other staff to particular production operations
  • Schedule shift according to production needs
  • Monitor jobs to ensure they will finish on time and within budget
  • Address issues when they arise aiming for minimum disruption
  • Obtain output information (number of finished products, percentage of defectives etc.)
  • Prepare and submit status and performance reports
  • Keep paperwork organized
  • Collaborate with quality control, warehouse and other staff
  • Attend conferences and training as required to maintain proficiency
  • Develop spreadsheets, diagrams and process maps to document needs
  • Estimating the amount of material, equipment, and labour required for production.
  • Promptly addressing and resolving production issues to minimize delays in production.
  • Coordinating production operations in accordance with material, labour, and equipment availability.
  • Plan production control activities to improve runtime while maintaining high quality, timely delivery and cost-effectiveness.
  • Work with materials department in material planning and analysis to reduce inventory level.
  • Plan, schedule and monitor material movement in production cycle to ensure continuous operations.
  • Track material shortages and provide immediate resolution.
  • Assist purchasing unit in coordinating and planning supplier deliveries.
  • Identify new suppliers and manage existing suppliers to meet production needs.
  • Monitor inventory status and generate inventory reports to Production Manager.
  • Perform inventory management according to company policies.
  • Assist Sales unit in coordinating and planning customer orders and deliveries.
  • Identify delivery exception and provide alternative solutions.
  • Generate reports on production shortages and sales impact to Factor Manager for analysis.
  • Address customer queries and concerns in a timely fashion.
  • Develop process improvements for inventory, manufacturing and production control systems.
  • Evaluate production control activities to ensure that final product meets customer specifications.
  • Plan equipment, material and manpower requirements to meet production schedule.


Monthly Salary:

Rs.40,000/- to Rs.50,000/-