Duration of Hiring 9 months
No of years’ experience 5+
Detailed job description – Skill Set: Responsibility and expectations –

  • Main responsibility is to provide integration layer with some business logic to integrate external systems and salesforce which is programmed in .net core and deployed in Azure. Soon the team will be moving to .net core 6 when it will be released and is stable.
  • No need to work directly with salesforce, But need to learn or have basic skill to work with SOQL and Salesforce interface. If this skill is not present in the developer then also its fine but should be able to ramp up/learn it quickly.
  • Team expects everyone to take end to end responsibility of a feature to be developed, deployed and tested as they don’t have a dedicated testing role.
  • Good communication is expected to ask the questions and respond to several other teams. It will be a demanding role since, the team is supporting other teams to sync their production data with salesforce and vice versa.
  • It will be a true DevOps role.
Mandatory Skills Anyone who has good experience with .net coding and azure along with good communication skill should be an ideal candidate.

  1. Net Core –
    1. Team’s responsibility is to code in .net to create HTTP function and Service Bus triggers and to map the data from source to be sent to Salesforce or vice versa.
    2. Test driven development
  1. Azure –
    1. ARM Templates – must have
    2. Application insights – must have
    3. Logic Apps
    4. Azure Functions – must have
    5. Event Grid – must have
    6. Azure Service Bus Queue and Topic – must have
    7. Azure Storage and accessing using storage explorer
    8. Experience in azure Service Bus explorer

·        DevOps and CI/CD