We have a new opening:
Stack  -React Native Developer.
Total Experience required – Minimum 3 years.
Budget -20 LPA
Location – Noida ( Hybrid Mode )
Selection process – 3 technical rounds of interviews.
Must Haves – React Native , Unit Testing using Jest Framework.
PFA the JD for the same:

Job Description & Responsibility Description:

We are seeking skilled, motivated, talented problem solvers with a passion
for video games and the talent and skills to create them to join our
development team. If you enjoy being involved in creating world class
games, have experience using game software tools, enjoy working in a
collaborative team environment AND have a passion for game
development, then Come PLAY LOUDER With Us!

● Building user-friendly iOS and Android App in React Native.
● Designing state-less components in React Native.
● State management with redux-saga.
● Interaction with back-end rest API integration using axios.
● Ensure the performance, quality and responsiveness of applications.
● Build pixel-perfect smooth UIs across both mobile platforms.
● Leverage Native API’s for deep integrations with both platforms.
● Diagnose and fix bugs and performance bottlenecks for
performance that feels Native.
● Designing and managing database.

Target Degrees & Requirements ● JavaScript

● Type Script (including ES6+ syntex)
● ReactJS
● Familiarity with Native build tools, lie XCode, Gradle [(Android
Studio, IntelliJ)]
● Understanding of REST APIs

Designation React Native Developer