Job Overview:

As a Business Support Executive, your primary responsibility will be to support the business development and client coordination efforts of the company. You will play a crucial role in managing the leads which are generated, calling the prospect client and scheduling meetings, managing Google reviews and replying to candidate reviews and concerns, conducting market research, and ensuring lead verification to enhance the company’s growth and reputation.

Key Responsibilities:

Lead Generation:

Conduct research to gather contact information and relevant details of potential clients.

Collaborate with the sales and marketing team to develop lead generation strategies and campaigns.

Call the prospect leads and fix appointments and then within the sales team, try to close on the leads received.

Google Review Management:

Monitor and manage Google reviews related to the company’s services.

Respond to Google reviews promptly and professionally, addressing any queries or concerns raised by customers/Candidates.

Verify the authenticity of reviews and ensure accurate and helpful responses.

Market Research:

Conduct market research to identify trends, opportunities, and competition in the industry.

Analyze and interpret data to provide insights and recommendations to the management team.

Stay updated with the latest market developments and industry news.

Digital Market Knowledge:

Stay well-informed about digital marketing trends, tools, and best practices.

Assist in developing and implementing digital marketing strategies.

Collaborate with the marketing team to optimize online presence and engagement.

Lead Verification:

Reach out to generated leads via phone calls, emails, or other communication channels.

Verify the authenticity of leads and ensure they meet the company’s criteria for potential clients.

Keep detailed records of lead interactions and update the lead database accordingly.

Generate Client leads and reach out to prospective clients via LinkedIn and email. Route qualified opportunity to the appropriate sales executives for further development and closure.

Follow up with old clients from the leads received to develop & maintain a business relationship.

Skills and Qualifications:

Proven experience in lead generation and customer support roles.

Excellent communication in English & Arabic (Spoken) is an added advantage.

Familiarity with market research methodologies and data analysis.

Strong organizational and time management abilities.

Ability to handle multiple tasks and meet deadlines effectively.

Detail-oriented and capable of maintaining accurate records.

Tech savy and must be able to know how to use all social platforms.