We Are looking Executive Assistant Indore Location

Essential Skills:

Organizational: Executive assistants must be able to anticipate and schedule upcoming events and potential time conflicts. Multi-Tasking:.

Ability to perform many tasks at once or in a short period of time.

Executives may have multiple deadlines, tasks or issues to handle within a particular period of time. Communication:

As an executive assistant you should have excellent strong verbal and written communication skills.

Detail-Oriented: For effective group meetings, the executive assistant must know what items are needed to accommodate the participants. Interpersonal:

Involves in dealing courteously with reporters, media representatives and management and directors from within and outside the organization. Ethical:

Be privy to confidential or sensitive information. S oftware Knowledge: Experience using office equipment, including printers and fax machines, familiarity with online calendars and cloud systems.

A. Administrative Tasks:

A.1. Regular at maintaining a timesheet

A.2. Will need to develop proficiency in Slack, Hubspot, Asana, Google Documents

A.3. Excellent Email Communication Skills

A.4. Excellent at Internet research . For example- find the top 10 Startups of India, find softwares to conduct online tests for employees.

A.5. Curious at educating one-self about different topics.

A.6. Excellent English Skill

s A.7. Calendar Handling, Event Scheduling Etiquettes and Calendar Management- Google Calendar is a time-management and scheduling calendar service developed by Google.

A.8. Bidding on Freelancer platforms

B. Sales: B

.1. Managing Sales Pipelines on CRM / Linkedin

B.2. Lead Generation and Data Entry

B.3. Primary Duty: Business Development through portals like Upwork / Fiverr / Email Campaigns