Key Duties & Responsibilities :

– Design, develop, and implement new modules and APIs for the BEAM Product

– Plan, build and launch features for our products

– Write unit, functional, and integration tests

– Estimate development tasks and meet deadline

– Collaborate with engineering, QA, and product design team members

– Scale our applications as our user base grows

Mandatory Skills & Experience :

– Ability to work & develop in Linux environment

– A solid understanding of Ruby

– 5+ years of web application engineering experience with Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Responsive Design, Caching

– 1+ years of experience with a front-end framework (Vue.js & GIT)

– Solid 2+ plus years of web dev experience building web UI/UX interactions.

– 5+ years of experience improving the performance of Ruby on Rails applications with Memcached & background job processing frameworks (Sidekiq, Resque etc.)

– Hands on experience in deploying applications using AWS Infrastructure using Capistrano automated deployment.

Education Qualification Requirements :

Bachelor of engineering in CS /Software engineering /other similar equivalent preferred.

Desired Skills & Experience :

– Experience in resolving customer issues

– Willingness to learn new technologies

– Ability to master any technology, language, or development environment that we need in the future.